Monday, June 22, 2015

Full Body Playground Circuit

A few months back I had a chance to share a workout on Cross Training Couture's Blog. [They are a Christian Athletic Apparel company.] Be sure to check them out!

Cross Training Couture
CTC Blog Post

I enjoyed creating this workout because the exercises listed are all ones you can do at any playground! (It may take a little creativity, but trust me, you can find a way to do them.)

Here it is:

Full Body Playground Circuit

You Will Need:

A Playground


1. 10 incline pushups 
2. 10 hanging bent leg raises
3. 10 step ups (per leg)
4. 10 body weight rows

Complete all 4 exercises then take a 30-60 sec rest.
Repeat circuit 3-4 times.

1. 10 Incline Pushups

Perform pushups with your hands placed on a raised surface such as a the bottom of a slide or step. As I lowered into my pushup, I chose to keep my arms close to my body, with my elbows bending parallel to my body, to target my triceps a little more. (You can choose to do them differently.) Regardless, keep your core strong.

2. Hanging Bent Leg Raises

Using monkey bars, or something similar and secure, hang from the bars with your legs extended. Bend your legs and bring your knees to your chest. Lower your legs back down. Perform these slowly and controlled. If needing more of a challenge, try this with straight legs and try to get your toes to the bar.

 3. 10 Step-Ups (per leg)

Using a step, bench or anything similar, step up onto the surface with one leg. Try to balance at the top and then return to your starting position. Complete 10 steps on the same leg before moving on to the other leg.

4. 10 Body Weight Rows

Find a bar, or something similar, to hold onto that is low enough that you can lean back as pictured, with your feet on the ground. Use the strength in your arms and back to pull your chest up towards the bar. Don't let your shoulders creep up to your ears. You can change the difficulty of the exercise by adjusting how much you use your legs to help you up. (Legs straightened out in front of you will be more difficult than legs bent with your feet under you.)