Sunday, April 12, 2015

Picnic Table Workout

This workout is one I had done back in February. I am just now getting around to posting it. And it has been even longer since I have posted a workout.

So why the delay?

After spending 8 hours each day on a computer for work, the last thing I really want to do when I am done working is get back on the computer. Lame excuse I suppose, but true.

Second, sometimes I worry that by posting these workouts people I know are getting the misconception that I workout all the time (I don't) or perhaps think I am trying to show off (definitely not!)

I just think it's fun to come up with workouts that can be done by almost anyone, almost anywhere. And if anyone sees this and decides to give it a try, cool! And if not, that's cool too. :)

So here is a simple and quick workout you can do using a picnic table (or anything similar).

3 moves, 30 seconds each, 3 times. 

30 seconds of step ups
30 seconds of pushups
30 seconds of dips

30 - 60 sec rest

Voila!  workout complete!