Sunday, October 19, 2014

At Home Pregnancy Work Out

I came up with a workout for myself that I can do at home using just 1 or 2 steps. I am now 35 weeks along in my pregnancy. When I reached the 3rd trimester, I stopped doing exercises that involved a lot of jumping or too much bouncing.

If you've seen any of my other workouts I have posted, you'll notice I have a few "go to" exercises I always seem to do- such as pushups, tricep dips and piked pushups. I incorporated those into this workout as well.

Here it is:

After a 5 minute warm up (I did slow step ups and gradually increased my speed), I started this workout on the front porch steps. 
1. 20 side step ups (each leg), repeated 3 times    
2. 12 inclined pushups followed immediately by 10-15 step ups, repeated 4 times
3. 20 mtn climbers (hold a plank while bringing one leg at a time to your chest) followed immediately by 10 big step ups with a balance (I stepped up to the 2nd step to feel it more in my glutes), repeated 4 times
4. 12 tricep dips (using the step) followed immediately by 12 piked pushups, repeated 4 times

I listened to my body and rested after each exercise until I felt my breathing and heart rate had recovered enough to do it again!

Here's a video of me demonstrated the different exercises. (I know, my videoing skills need a lot of work! haha)

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