Saturday, September 20, 2014

Backyard Workout

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just can't get to the gym. (And sometimes I just don't WANT to go to the gym!)

Luckily, I know that I don't need to go to the gym to get in a good workout.

Here is a leg workout I decided to do the other day. 

You can use weights (if you have them), a heavy textbook, a small child, or no weights at all!

This probably goes without saying, but if you do decide to use a little person as your weight-take care that you don't drop, squash or fall on them! Not good. 

Alright so the workout:

First, warm up. 
Then, do each exercise around 12-15 times. (how much weight you are using/not using determines how many reps. Go for a burn!)

Try to do each exercise right after the other, without stopping to rest. 

(I am pregnant, so I went ahead and rested between exercises when I needed to!)

Dead Lifts
Side Lunges
Sumo/Plie Squat
Sumo/Plie Dead Lift

rest 30 - 60 secs and repeat 4-5 times!

Tips for Pregnant Ladies like me!
  • Go slowly!
  • Listen to your body.
    • rest when you need rest
    • stop if anything feels uncomfortable
  • Only squat as low as you feel comfortable (you don't want to pull or tweak anything)
    • if your belly is in your way when you squat, spread your feet out a little further to allow your belly some room! :)
  • It's common to feel a tightening in your belly when exercising while pregnant-but definitely talk to your doctor if you have any concerns-especially if there is any leaking or bleeding! 

Here is a video of me doing the exercises. Feel free to laugh at my seriousness!


If you ever wonder how to do an exercise properly, has a great database that you can use for free. 

Also, feel free to contact me if you have questions!

For more at home workouts, click here! :)

*You should always consult with your doctor before beginning any new fitness routine, ESPECIALLY if you are pregnant!*

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

30 Weeks!

I am 30 weeks pregnant! 

Hitting 30 weeks is a big deal for me so I thought I'd do a little pregnancy update. 

I found a pic of me at 30 weeks when I was pregnant with Jade. (I am really bad about taking progress photos - I think I took 3 that entire pregnancy? So this was a great find!)

So just for fun, here's a comparison shot!

Since I have that lovely comparison shot- here are some comparisons!

Food Cravings:
Pregnancy 1-pineapple!
Pregnancy 2-peaches! (I was especially alarmed when we had that recall on peaches in June!)

Food Aversions:
Pregnancy 1-Mexican food (especially anything from the Mayan Restaurant!), chicken, eggs, creamy soups
Pregnancy 2-chicken, eggs, Quest protein bars, most protein powders

My aversions were much stronger in my first trimester, mostly went away during 2nd trimester, and re-emerged during my 3rd trimester! 

Pregnancy 1-Total weight gain about 35 lbs.
Pregnancy 2-Total weight gain so far about 15 lbs.

By the way, I started this pregnancy 15 lbs heavier than when I started my 1st pregnancy. So basically this week I am close to the same weight as when I had Jade! 

Pregnancy 1- resistance/weight training 3-5 times/week (I had more time to rest and recover!), cardio about 2 times/week
Pregnancy 2- resistance/weight training 2-3 times/week, cardio 1-2 times/week

Fun little accomplishment I am proud of: at the start of pregnancy 1 I could only shoulder press 10 lb dumbbells. Starting pregnancy 2 I could shoulder press 35 lb dbs! I have been really working on building my shoulders and upper body this past year, so I am really happy about this improvement!

[FYI: I plan to write a post on fitness and nutrition during pregnancy really soon!]

In general:

This pregnancy has definitely been more challenging. Not because the pregnancy itself is any harder, but because my life is significantly different. [I have a toddler!]

When I was pregnant with Jade, I slept all the time! I had stopped working during my last trimester, so all I had to do on my checklist each day was sleep, eat and maybe exercise. :)

This time, I have a full time job and I am a full time stay at home mom to a very energetic toddler. I am always tired! Lance was away most of my 2nd trimester- and that was really hard! Plus, we had to make some very stressful life changing decisions regarding Lance's career. 

Anyway, the pregnancy itself has been going well. Everything is looking as it should, my weight gain is on track, and both myself and the baby are healthy! That's what is important!

We are so excited to welcome this new little baby girl to our family in just 2 and 1/2 months!!