Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Return Missionary

I am really slow when it comes to blogging! In my defense, I have had to juggle being a full time employee and a full time "single" mommy for the past few months while Lance has been gone. It's been hard!
My little brother got back from serving a 2 year LDS mission in Cape Verde. He returned at the end of JUNE. (Yes, that was awhile ago!)
Something interesting... a lot a people were confused as to why he flew in on a Saturday (usually missionaries all come home on Wednesdays or another weekday). Apparently, the airline they fly in Cape Verde is not very reliable and flight schedules aren't as convenient so all the Cape Verde missionaries flew to Boston on Friday, stayed the night (just in case that flight had been delayed or cancelled...) and then flew to their home state on Saturday!
It's been so nice to have my little brother home! I am so proud of him for taking 2 years of his life to serve God and other people. It was probably 2 of the hardest years of his life! (but well worth it!)
Here are some pics from the happy day we got to pick him up from the airport!
When my brother left on his mission, my daughter was only 1 month old!
Now she is 2!
I saw this sign on pinterest here and decided to make my own! I don't have anything fancy schmancy on my computer so I just used good old Microsoft Word!
"mission" = Bodoni MT Black, 400
"accomplished" = Stencil, 300
I printed "mission" in black, cut the letters out and used them to trace new letters in white using a thick black marker. I then cut those letters out leaving a little space around each tracing so you can see that black line. I printed "accomplished" in red ink and cut the letters out as seen above. Then I glued the letters to the poster! :)

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  1. Thank you for posting the instructions for making this poster - it's just what I was looking for. And your pictures are great!