Friday, July 11, 2014

Belgium Training Update

Lance has been in Belgium for almost 8 weeks now training hard.
Lots of time is being spent conditioning, working on skills, learning choreography, and scuba training.  (The show he is training for is a water show where the stage is constantly changing from dry, to wet, to deep enough to dive into!)
Lance rarely takes pics or videos, so these are some of the pics he's been tagged in on Facebook. (I hope the people who took these don't mind!)
Training Formation 2014

Hanging out on the chandelier.

More pictures from chandelier...

I think almost everyone in the training group is pictured here.

Waiting around? Bored? not sure what is going on :)

Lance was able to see Cavalia when it was in town. He said it was awesome.

Luckily he's remained injury free and healthy! A little less than 4 weeks to go until we get to see him again! yay!

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