Saturday, July 26, 2014

No Equipment Workout

22 weeks pregnant this week! 

I've been feeling my baby moving around for a few weeks now, but I have definitely felt an increase in movement this past week. I think feeling my baby move is my absolute favorite thing about being pregnant!

Here is a workout I've done a few times that doesn't require any equipment. 

Just to clarify, 1 set is: 10 pushups, 20 mountain climbers, 10 floor tricep dips, 20 squat jumps. 

Once you do all that, rest for about 30 sec to 1 minute and then do 4 more sets. (Total of 5 sets.) 

Go on to the next exercises. 

This workout took me about 20 minutes to complete. (It'll vary depending on how much rest you take, how fast you do the exercises, etc.)

Here is a very poor video of me doing each exercise. Enjoy. haha

If you watch the video, you'll see that my daughter often likes to interact with me while I exercise. This is pretty much how any home workout for me goes. If I have to stop exercising to draw a picture or pick her up- I do it. Once she's happy, I continue with my workout. 

a screenshot of Jade "helping me"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Body Weight Circuit Workout

I am 21 weeks pregnant this week! It is crazy to me how all of a sudden time seems to be speeding up! The first part of my pregnancy seemed to take forever. Now I am slightly more than half way done.
To be honest, this pregnancy has been a lot harder than my first. When I was pregnant before, I could sleep all the time! This time around, I am trying to balance being a full time employee with being a full time stay at home mom. It is hard! And I am tired. (Also, Lance is away... so that makes this even more challenging!)
I have been a terrible example lately when it comes to getting in my workouts and eating healthy. It's been a very stressful last couple of months. I know that exercise significantly decreases my stress - so something I am working on this week is getting in a little bit of exercise every day. (Every little bit helps!)

This is why I like coming up with quick workouts. You don't need any space, you don't need a lot of time, and you don't need any equipment!
Body Weight Circuit
There are 8 exercises. You do each exercise for 30 seconds and then immediately move on to the next exercise.

1. Jumping Jacks - I think we all know how to do these.

2. Lunges - you can do them walking or in one place. 

3. Plank - hold plank position for 30 sec (or at least as long as you can)

4. Frog Jumps - squat down like a frog (you can turn your knees out) and try to touch your fingertips to the ground. Then jump up in the air and come back down into the frog position. If your body doesn't feel quite flexible enough to do this, then do a regular squat jump or even just regular squats.
5. Pushups - modified or knee pushups is perfectly fine
6. High knees - you could jog in place instead
7. Sumo squat with arm circles - For this one you will hold yourself in a squat position. I like the "sumo squat" where your knees are turned out and your feet are spread more than shoulder width apart. While holding this position (feel the burn!) extend your arms to your sides (shoulder height) and move them in tiny circles for the 30 seconds.
8. Karate kicks with squat - Do a forward kick followed by a squat. Alternate legs. (Kick squat kick squat)
 I gave myself 1 minute of rest.
Including the 1 minute of rest, this circuit takes 5 minutes to complete. Depending on how much time you have, you can do this circuit 3 times for a 15 minute workout or 6 times for a 30 minute workout.
If you want to challenge yourself further, you could try this circuit doing each exercise for 1 minute durations instead of 30 seconds.
Feel free to email/message me any questions or suggestions you may have!
*Always consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.*

Friday, July 11, 2014

Belgium Training Update

Lance has been in Belgium for almost 8 weeks now training hard.
Lots of time is being spent conditioning, working on skills, learning choreography, and scuba training.  (The show he is training for is a water show where the stage is constantly changing from dry, to wet, to deep enough to dive into!)
Lance rarely takes pics or videos, so these are some of the pics he's been tagged in on Facebook. (I hope the people who took these don't mind!)
Training Formation 2014

Hanging out on the chandelier.

More pictures from chandelier...

I think almost everyone in the training group is pictured here.

Waiting around? Bored? not sure what is going on :)

Lance was able to see Cavalia when it was in town. He said it was awesome.

Luckily he's remained injury free and healthy! A little less than 4 weeks to go until we get to see him again! yay!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

At Home Workout Using a Step

Since becoming a mom, I've found it is just a lot easier for me to get my workouts done at home.

I've decided to start posting my workouts in case there are other mommies out there (or any busy individual) who wants to workout at home too!

The first day I did this workout, my 2 year old spent the entire time either drawing with sidewalk chalk or else getting me wet with the hose (she just figured out how to turn it on-it's her new obsession). It was hot out, so I didn't mind being wet!

By the way, I am 20 weeks pregnant with baby #2 this week! Yay! 

All you need to do this workout is a step or a curb! I am wearing workout gloves because the concrete can be uncomfortable on the hands after awhile.

For this workout I did 3 groups of 3 exercises, each repeated 3 times (3 sets).

I rested between each set. So I did 10 tricep dips, 10 pushups, 10 piked pushups and then I rested for about 30-45 sec. Then I did that 2 more times before going on to the next group of exercises.

Here is a {boring} video of me doing each exercise!

Some notes:

  • Be careful you don't hit your head on the step above you when doing the pushups! (ahem, yes, I bumped my head)
  • When I do "box jumps" I like to try and pause, or balance, in a squat position - I find it works my behind a little more.

I think it took me about 15 minutes to do this workout. (It will vary depending on how long/often you take rests, how fast you do the exercises, etc.) If you need a longer workout, you can always repeat the entire workout, add some jumping jacks, go for a jog at the end, etc.

If you'd like modifications on how to make an exercise easier or harder to meet your fitness level, feel free to email me or comment below.

*You should always consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise routine-especially if you are  pregnant*

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July at Lava Hot Springs

We spent the 4th of July at Lava Hot Springs. We really missed daddy, but it was fun to spend time with my brother (newly returned from his LDS mission in Cape Verde) and my parents!

We did the Baker Ranch wagon ride/dinner. It was a perfect activity for kids-Jade absolutely loved the horses, the wagon ride and all the fun activities they had at the dinner site.