Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sea World San Diego

Lance leaves in less than two weeks for training in Belgium! We wanted to go on a family vacation before he left us all summer, so we headed to San Diego!

We loved living in San Diego last summer and were excited to head back and go to all the places we love. 

Most of our time was spent at Sea World. They have a brand new entrance which is really awesome for kids (and adults)! As soon as you walk in there are little pools where you can stick your hand in the water and touch little sharks or fish. Jade was so excited about all the fish and being able to splash her hand in the water. 

It was so much fun to take Jade around to all the different exhibits. Now that Jade knows what fish are, she was so excited to see so many fish everywhere! She was constantly saying "more feesh!" 

Jade loved everything, but she especially loved the sharks. Probably because she loves to growl when she sees sharp teeth. 

In the shark exhibit, I loved the moving walkway that took us through the shark tunnel.

Jade got a little confused when we saw the sea lions. She heard them "barking" so she said, "Dog!" but then she saw them swimming so she said, "fish". So these are now known in our family as Dog Fish. 

We watched a few shows: Pet's Rule and Blue Horizons. Besides Cirque de la Mer (which is just a summer show), I like these two shows the best. Pet's Rule is super fun for kids-dogs and cats and other animals do fun tricks. And I like Blue Horizons because of the divers, aerialists and tricks with dolphins. 

Speaking of Cirque de la Mer, the show hasn't opened yet, but we were able to watch some of their rehearsals (which is sometimes more fun!) 

I could tell that Lance was dying to get back on the trampoline. He loved doing the show last year.

(If you're planning to go to Sea World this summer, definitely make sure you see this show!) 

We had a lot of fun at Sea World with Jade. I am hoping to bring her back to Sea World one more time before we move to China!

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