Saturday, May 24, 2014

Disney Diversion

Many of you know that Lance is now in Belgium! He is currently training for The House of Dancing Water by Franco Dragone Entertainment. He will be there all summer - without us.
He left on Sunday. The days leading up to Sunday were so hard! I didn't want to be sad because obviously I wanted to enjoy our time together, but how can you not be sad!?
Anyway, my awesome mother in law knew this would be a hard time for me, so she planned us a little distraction! We decided to go on a trip the same day Lance was scheduled to leave.
On Sunday we all headed to the airport together. We said goodbye to Lance at his gate, watched him get on his plane, and then we jumped on our own plane and headed to CA! Destination? Disneyland!

Goodbyes really stink, but hey, it's just for the summer! (Tons of respect for military families who have to deal with deployment!)

So anyway, Disneyland! You can't cry when you are at Disneyland! It ended up being a great diversion!

Prepare yourself for a bunch of pictures!

My plan was to get a really cute picture of Jade in her princess dress in front of the castle.... instead of posing she decided to go "nigh night".
Jade's 1st princess dress! Jade loves wearing her princess dress and Grandma is thrilled she is wearing something other than Batman and Ninja turtle shirts.
 Jade LOVED all the characters. She was so sad when we got to the front of the line and Minnie left to take a short break. When Jade saw Minnie coming back, she ran to Minnie as fast as her little legs could carry her!

We got to stay at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel. Our room had a really awesome view of California Adventure. It was really close to Downtown Disney and the parks, so that was nice to be able to walk back and forth so easily.
We Skyped daddy! And we watched Lion King 3 times a day.
(We watch Lion King EVERY night when we are at home.)

 I thought these caramel apples were fun!

Saw Grandma and Grandpa's stone for the first time!

One of Jade's favorite rides. She insisted on keeping her hands up high!

We loved hanging out in Mickey's Toon Town.


Jade was so tired after the first day! She fell asleep ON THE CHAIR like a cat. (She had been looking out the window.)

Disneyland was really fun! I am grateful we had this opportunity to go and be distracted while we were missing daddy.

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