Saturday, May 24, 2014

Disney Diversion

Many of you know that Lance is now in Belgium! He is currently training for The House of Dancing Water by Franco Dragone Entertainment. He will be there all summer - without us.
He left on Sunday. The days leading up to Sunday were so hard! I didn't want to be sad because obviously I wanted to enjoy our time together, but how can you not be sad!?
Anyway, my awesome mother in law knew this would be a hard time for me, so she planned us a little distraction! We decided to go on a trip the same day Lance was scheduled to leave.
On Sunday we all headed to the airport together. We said goodbye to Lance at his gate, watched him get on his plane, and then we jumped on our own plane and headed to CA! Destination? Disneyland!

Goodbyes really stink, but hey, it's just for the summer! (Tons of respect for military families who have to deal with deployment!)

So anyway, Disneyland! You can't cry when you are at Disneyland! It ended up being a great diversion!

Prepare yourself for a bunch of pictures!

My plan was to get a really cute picture of Jade in her princess dress in front of the castle.... instead of posing she decided to go "nigh night".
Jade's 1st princess dress! Jade loves wearing her princess dress and Grandma is thrilled she is wearing something other than Batman and Ninja turtle shirts.
 Jade LOVED all the characters. She was so sad when we got to the front of the line and Minnie left to take a short break. When Jade saw Minnie coming back, she ran to Minnie as fast as her little legs could carry her!

We got to stay at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel. Our room had a really awesome view of California Adventure. It was really close to Downtown Disney and the parks, so that was nice to be able to walk back and forth so easily.
We Skyped daddy! And we watched Lion King 3 times a day.
(We watch Lion King EVERY night when we are at home.)

 I thought these caramel apples were fun!

Saw Grandma and Grandpa's stone for the first time!

One of Jade's favorite rides. She insisted on keeping her hands up high!

We loved hanging out in Mickey's Toon Town.


Jade was so tired after the first day! She fell asleep ON THE CHAIR like a cat. (She had been looking out the window.)

Disneyland was really fun! I am grateful we had this opportunity to go and be distracted while we were missing daddy.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Full Body Tire Workout

When we lived in San Diego last summer, I spent a lot of time at the University of San Diego working out on their field. It was within walking distance of our apartment, so it was easy for me to put Jade in the stroller and head on over. 

Jade chillin at the field last year

This past weekend when we were in San Diego on vacation, we decided to stop by the field again and get a little workout in before heading to Sea World. One thing I love about this field is that there are pull up bars and tires that you can use to get in a great workout. 

I decided to do a workout centered around a tire that was on the field.

Here's the workout:

1. 5 Tire Flips
This tire was heavy (for me anyway)! For you tire flipping experts out there, perhaps my form is not the best... but hey! I flipped it! 

The way I do a tire flip is: I bend/squat down like I am about to do a deadlift. I try to keep my back straight as I lift the tire up using mostly my lower body. Then I use my upper body to push the tire over. 

2. 10 "Box" Jumps

Immediately after my 5 tire flips I would use the tire as my "box" and do box jumps. One way I like to do "box" jumps is to start in a squat, jump onto the box landing and balancing in a squat on the box. Then I jump back down into a squat position again on the ground. It really forces me to work on my balance and really works the behind!

3. 5 Tire Flips

4. 10 Tricep Dips

I used the tire like a bench to do my tricep dips. 
You can adjust the body weight you are using in this exercise by walking your feet away from the tire (harder) or towards the tire (easier). 

5. 5 Tire Flips

6. 10 pushups

To make my pushups more challenging, I propped my feet up on the tire, as seen above. As I got tired, I turned around and did my pushups with my feet on the ground and my hands on the tire. 

7. 5 Tire Flips

8. 10 step ups (per leg)

I didn't take a pic of this, but basically you step up on the tire with one foot and then come back down. Do that 10 times and then switch sides. I tried to do it quickly!

Rest (30 sec - 1 min) and Repeat 4-5 times. 

I tried not to take rests between exercises, but sometimes I did! It's okay to stop and catch your breath when needed. 

Some more pictures.... just for fun!
Jade and Lance this year!

Jade and Lance last year

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

San Diego Vacation

If you read my last post, then you know that we just took a little vacation to San Diego! It is our last vacation as a family until September, since Lance will be in Belgium all summer for training.

To save time, we flew to San Diego. Jade was so awesome on the plane. As always, she was super wiggly, but she stayed pretty entertained just playing (and eating!) with her new crayons. Plus the flight was only about an hour and a half, so that wasn't bad at all. (Dreading the 19+ hours of flying coming up in September!)

We spent a lot of time at Sea World (Jade loved it so much!) You can read my Sea World post here.

Jade also loved swimming in the pool and at the beach. 

We used to love eating Acai Bowls and Torrero's Burritos when we were in San Diego last summer. So on this trip that is basically all we ate! haha

Acai bowls are super delicious. Made with acai, apple juice (or soy milk), granola, bananas, strawberries, coconut shreds and a little bit of honey or agave on top. Yum!

Torrero's Burritos are so delicious but most likely super bad for you haha. Definitely a cheat meal! They are really cheap and they are huge. Lance and I usually split one and they completely fill us for almost the entire day. They are filled with grilled chicken (or beef), beans, cheese, guacamole, etc (all the normal burrito ingredients) and french fries! 

We got a rental car and realized the prepay gas option was a mistake (since we were hardly using any gas at all) so we spontaneously decided to drive up to Downtown Disney for the day and use up some of that gas. 

And we had some fun hanging out in our hotel room!

We worked out on a field at the University of San Diego. (I used to go there all the time last summer!)

My Full Body Tire Workout can be viewed HERE. 

We had a fun little vacation! I am so happy we were able to spend this time together as a family!

Sea World San Diego

Lance leaves in less than two weeks for training in Belgium! We wanted to go on a family vacation before he left us all summer, so we headed to San Diego!

We loved living in San Diego last summer and were excited to head back and go to all the places we love. 

Most of our time was spent at Sea World. They have a brand new entrance which is really awesome for kids (and adults)! As soon as you walk in there are little pools where you can stick your hand in the water and touch little sharks or fish. Jade was so excited about all the fish and being able to splash her hand in the water. 

It was so much fun to take Jade around to all the different exhibits. Now that Jade knows what fish are, she was so excited to see so many fish everywhere! She was constantly saying "more feesh!" 

Jade loved everything, but she especially loved the sharks. Probably because she loves to growl when she sees sharp teeth. 

In the shark exhibit, I loved the moving walkway that took us through the shark tunnel.

Jade got a little confused when we saw the sea lions. She heard them "barking" so she said, "Dog!" but then she saw them swimming so she said, "fish". So these are now known in our family as Dog Fish. 

We watched a few shows: Pet's Rule and Blue Horizons. Besides Cirque de la Mer (which is just a summer show), I like these two shows the best. Pet's Rule is super fun for kids-dogs and cats and other animals do fun tricks. And I like Blue Horizons because of the divers, aerialists and tricks with dolphins. 

Speaking of Cirque de la Mer, the show hasn't opened yet, but we were able to watch some of their rehearsals (which is sometimes more fun!) 

I could tell that Lance was dying to get back on the trampoline. He loved doing the show last year.

(If you're planning to go to Sea World this summer, definitely make sure you see this show!) 

We had a lot of fun at Sea World with Jade. I am hoping to bring her back to Sea World one more time before we move to China!