Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Garden Expresso

Today I ate lunch at the cutest little cafe ever!

Have any of you heard of The Art Garden and Garden Expresso on Vine Street in Murray, Utah? Apparently this cute little ivy covered cottage has been around for years!

As silly as this sounds, I think what I loved most about this little cafe (besides the cute decor of course) was the simplicity of the menu! 

There's nothing I love better than a delicious sandwich for lunch!

I had half a ham and cheese sandwich with a spinach salad. I was expecting my salad to just be boring spinach, but they added cranberries, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes and bacon bits to it! Yum!

The staff was very friendly, the food was affordable, the atmosphere was very welcoming and despite the coziness of the space, there was plenty of seating!

It did take awhile for everyone in our group to get their food, but in the cafe's defense, there were A LOT of us in our group. 

If you go, make sure you give yourself time to browse all the cute items in the cafe and in the Art Garden next door!

While I am still in Utah, I am definitely going to be returning. I think my mom needs to try this place out!

**These opinions are entirely my own.**