Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Little Valentine

I bought myself a new DSLR for Christmas and am obviously still learning how to use it! However, despite my lack of knowledge and skills in photography, my camera has helped me capture some great shots of Baby Jade....who isn't really a baby anymore!!

We had so much fun running around outside doing our little "Valentine's Day Photo Shoot."

After pictures, we came inside and Jade "helped" me wrap daddy's present.
On Valentine's Day we took Jade to see Frozen (the sing a long version). It was so fun to hear all the little girls singing along to the songs. At the end of the movie, all the little girls ran down to the front of the theater and had a little impromptu dance party. Ahh, they were all so adorable!

Jade loved helping Grandma walk with her canes.

I attempted being more "valentiney" by cutting Jade's pancakes and apple into heart shapes...but she didn't dig it.

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